State of Connecticut In-Service Training Program

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State of CT In-Service Training Program

The State In-Service Training Program provides high-quality, diverse training opportunities to all Connecticut state employees through a partnership of the Department of Administrative Services and the Community College System. UConn Health Human Resources serves as a “Training Approval Office” for employees; facilitating participant registration and collecting fees from departments for courses.

Fall 2019 online registration is ongoing. Seat requests are due by end of business day, August 22, 2019.

How to Register for State In-Service Training

    1. Review the course catalog.
    2. Choose a course that best fits your professional or job skill development need.
    3. Seek support and/or approval from your supervisor.
    4. Complete the Seat Request Form.

    Please Read:

  1. Human Resources does not administer the In-Service program, we facilitate registration and collection of fees for the CT Department of Administrative Services. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a seat in any class, nor can we provide refunds for courses in which a participant has registered but did not attend a course session(s).Should you have questions or require assistance with registration, contact the