Workers’ Compensation

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Filip Pensa
Workers' Compensation and Safety Program Coordinator
Phone: 860-679-1483
Fax: 860-679-4660

Kathy Rouleau
Human Resources Associate - Workers' Compensation
Phone: 860-679-4589
Fax: 860-679-4660

Gallagher Bassett
24/7 Supervisor Injury Reporting Line
Phone: 1-800-828-2717

Gallagher Bassett Services
Third Party Administrator
Phone: 860-256-3400
Fax: 860-291-9875

Safety and Health Committee Members

The UConn Health Employee Safety and Health Committee is comprised of equally represented UConn Health staff and management members. If you have any safety, improvement recommendations feel free to contact any of the members of the committee.

Jose Alexandre
Center for Comparative Medicine

Cliff Ashton
Facilities Management

Vani Cashman
UMG - IMA West Hartford

Tirrell Cox
Fire Department

Alyssa D'Ostilio

Dhruv Dave
Radiation Therapy

Chris DeFrancesco

Nancy Dupont

Chris Emerton

Joseph Fazzino
General Maintenance

Jennifer Garza
Occupational & Environmental Medicine

Anna Humennyj
Nursing Staffing/Payroll

Steve Jacobs
Environmental Health and Safety

Filip Pensa
Human Resources

Ulises Perez

Viola Pierson-Turgeon
Educational Clinics Administration

Anthony Ruggerio
Fire Department

Kim Silverman
Rehabilitation Services

Cathy Spisak
Surgery Center

Jessica Van Alstyne
Human Resources

Giancarlo Vento
Environmental Operations

Michael Waltos
Material Storage

Guy Womack
Voice, Network and Mobile Device Services