Changing Beneficiaries

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As employees experience family status changes (i.e., birth of a child, marriage, divorce) throughout the course of their employment, they may also want to consider changing their beneficiaries for their retirement plan, group life insurance, and/or supplemental retirement plan(s).

In order to change your beneficiaries, the following must be done:

Group Life Insurance

Employees enrolled in the Group Life Insurance plan must complete a Beneficiary Change Form. Contact the HR Employee Resource Center, 860-679-2426 (

State Employees Retirement System

Members of the State Employees Retirement System (Tier I, Tier II, or Tier IIA) must complete a new CO-999 Form. This form can also be obtained by contacting the HR Employee Resource Center, 860-679-2426 (

Alternate Retirement Program

  • Members of the Alternate Retirement Program must contact Prudential (844-505-7283) to change beneficiary*.
  • CO-999 Form: This form can also be obtained by contacting the HR Employee Resource Center, 860-679-2426 ( The state requires a CO-999 form for payroll purposes. It is completed upon hire, and should be updated any time beneficiary changes are made. The last regular paycheck and accruals that are due in the event of death are directed to the beneficiary listed on the CO-999.

403(b) and 457

Employees enrolled in a 403(b) or 457 plan contact Prudential (844-505-7283) to change beneficiaries.

* ING Change-Over for the Alternate Retirement Program, 403(b), and 457: During the change-over to ING as the administrator of the Alternate Retirement Program and the two supplemental retirement plans, 403(b) and 457, employees were asked to complete new beneficiary forms. Please be advised that if you made beneficiary changes at that time, the changes only apply to funds that have been payroll deducted and sent to ING, or funds that have been rolled-over from other companies to ING. If you still have funds with other companies, such as TIAA-CREF, the beneficiary form that is on file with that company is the form that applies to those funds. To update this beneficiary information you must contact the company directly:

Former Alternate Retirement Program Vendor

Organization Phone Number Website
Prudential 844-505-7283
TIAA-CREF 800-842-2776

Former 403(B) Vendors

Organization Phone Number Website
Fidelity Investments 800-343-0860
The Hartford Life Insurance Company 800-528-9009
ING Life Insurance and Annuity Company 800-784-6386
Oldham Resource Group 800-626-6106
Prudential 844-505-7283
TIAA-CREF 800-842-2888
Travelers Life and Annuity 800-842-4015 (Press Option 2)

Former 457 Vendors

Organization Phone Number Website
ING 800-262-3862
The Hartford 888-457-7824
Phoenix 800-541-0171 (Group Annuity)
800-243-1574 (Mutual Funds)
Prudential 844-505-7283