Leadership and Management Development

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UConn Health leaders are a crucial component to the success of our academic health center. In support of them driving our mission and values, we offer several development programs for continuous learning.

    Academic Impressions

    UConn has recently partnered with Academic Impressions, which provides professional development resources for the higher education workforce. Visit our Academic Impressions website to learn more and gain access to the portal.

    MeEssentials - UConn Health Managerial Essentials

    Our Human Resources teams provide new and long-standing managers with up-to-date overviews of key HR topics and the fundamental issues surrounding managing the life-cycle of your work teams to help you effectively approach the challenges of managing your employees' workplace needs. Course announcements are sent to managers via email, and more program information is available by contacting Alexis Crean.

    New Leader Assimilation

    This orientation program is an effective process for aligning and integrating a UConn Health leader, new to the organization or promoted to their first leadership role, to start laying the foundation for work between the leader, their team, and the organization. In addition, the orientation helps leaders focus on understanding their team and organization expectations and build norms to support a healthy work culture and performance in alignment with our UConn Health Values.


    In support of creating an engaging, productive, and flexible work environment, OSD works with leaders to help you build a culture of employee success with your teams by sharing our most revealing employee engagement survey data and helping dissect what the data says about the state of your teams. OSD also works with leaders on topics like building connections and driving collaboration. Meet with an OSD specialist to discuss how 1:1 meetings, feedback, recognition, and other tools are the cornerstone of helping you keep a pulse on your employees' needs and well-being and ultimately creating a workplace where your employees feel valued, needed, and connected to UConn Health.

    State of Connecticut In-Service Training

    The State In-Service Training Program provides high-quality, diverse training opportunities to all.
    Connecticut state employees through a partnership between the Department of Administrative Services and the Community College System. Visit our State of Connecticut In-Service Training website to learn about the program and when and how to register for classes.


    Human Resources Management Toolkit

    The Management Toolkit is designed to provide you as a UConn Health leader with information, guidance, and tools to assist you with performing your supervisory and managerial responsibilities. Please contact your HR consultant to gain access to the toolkit.


    In support of our culture of gratitude, Human Resources offers a cohesive employee recognition program that enables you, as a UConn Health leader, to acknowledge and recognize employees for their outstanding commitment and contribution to UConn Health.

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    For leadership development questions, email Alexis Crean, OSD Director