Leaves of Absence

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As required by the Department of Labor, we are providing the following information regarding the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). Important: Please note that the FFCRA is not applicable to any of UConn and UConn Health’s employees. See the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

Family and Medical Leave Information

Requesting a Medical or Family Leave of Absence

In order for an employee to apply for a medical leave for one’s own medical condition or a family leave to care for an immediate family member who is ill, the following forms need to be completed at least 30 days ahead of time when the leave is foreseeable and returned to Human Resources, MC 4035, fax number: 860-679-4660


Requesting a Military Family Leave

In order for an employee to apply for a military family leave, the applicable form must be completed and returned to Human Resources, MC 4035:

Military Leave

Employees are entitled to military leave, with pay, for up to three (3) calendar weeks (or 15 work days) for required field training. “Required field training” includes periods of Annual Training and other Active Duty Training required for retention in the National Guard or military reserves.

All State employees are eligible for military leave with pay for up to thirty (30) calendar days in a year for unscheduled emergency military call-ups. Should the period of leave exceed thirty (30) calendar days, the employee shall be granted a military leave of absence without pay with position held consistent with CT Gen. Stat. 5-255.

Full time employees may also be eligible for partial pay if called to active duty for a qualifying operation. Contact Human Resources at 860-679-2901 for additional information. The employee may elect to exhaust his/her earned time (not including sick time) prior to going on leave without pay status.

Other periods of military duty, whether Active Duty Training, or Inactive Duty Training (e.g. weekend drills), would not entitle the employee to paid military leave. Federal statutes, however, require that the employee be released from work to attend ordered military duty without loss of benefits; the employee can document the military duty by submission of official orders or the official training schedule (for weekend drills).

State Employee Volunteer Guidelines for Disaster Relief

State Employees Who Provide Disaster Relief Services with the American Red Cross
In response to needs for relief services, the following leave entitlement is found in Section 5-249(b) of the Connecticut General Statutes:

“Any state employee who is a certified disaster service volunteer of the American Red Cross may, with the authorization of such employee’s supervisor, be granted a leave not to exceed fifteen working days in each year to participate in specialized disaster relief services for the American Red Cross, upon the request of the American Red Cross, without loss of pay, vacation time, sick leave or earned overtime accumulation.”

Process for Taking Leave Under C.G.S. 5-249 (b)
Upon receiving notification from the American Red Cross of a disaster relief assignment, an employee must do the following:

  • Notify his/her supervisor of the anticipated leave dates (must not exceed 15 working days).
  • Contact Human Resources at 860-679-2901.
  • Obtain authorization to take the leave (approval is at UConn Health’s discretion and based on operational needs).
  • Submit proof of voluntary service from the American Red Cross to Human Resources. Fax to 860-679-4660.*

*The American Red Cross is unable to provide exact dates that the employee will be deployed because the employee is actually responsible for making his/her own travel arrangements using the American Red Cross’ travel agency. For example, the American Red Cross may notify an employee that he/she will be deployed on January 28, but the first available flight to the destination is not until January 29. Therefore, the dates of deployment are actually January 29 through February 18 (15 working days, beginning with the date of deployment). Employees are responsible for providing this information to Human Resources, 860-679-2901, as soon as it is known. A copy of the itinerary from the travel agency prior to (or upon) his/her return to work is required.

Leave for Relief Efforts Independent of the American Red Cross
Employees who wish to volunteer with relief efforts independent of the American Red Cross may request to do so using their own vacation, personal leave and/or compensatory time. Approval for time off in this circumstance is subject to operational needs and departmental approval.

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