State In-Service Registration Form

Fill out the form below to request a seat in a Fall 2023 State of Connecticut In-Service course. The deadline to register is September 29.

  • In case you need to be notified off work hours, please indicate an alternate number.
  • Your date of birth is used as a look-up ID in the community college's course management system. Double click within the field to enter your date of birth directly.
  • Enter the course name as listed in the In-Service Catalog - eg. Communications Skills a Must!
  • Enter the course number as listed in the In-Service catalog - eg. AS15231
  • Enter the Course Start Date as listed in the In-Service catalog.
  • Enter the course fee as listed in the In-Service Catalog - eg. $285
  • Select how the course will be delivered.
  • Select the name of the community college from the dropdown
  • If you have previously participated in an In-Service course at a community college, you may have been provided a NETID by the community college for registration purposes. If you know this number, please enter it here. If, not, please leave this field blank. If you have previously taken classes, you may find your ID on
  • Seats are not reserved without payment. Upon submitting this form, you will receive an email with directions to provide your transfer voucher or personal check to Etta Henderson by the Feb. 14 deadline. No exceptions.
  • Manager/Supervisor Notification

    Your manager/supervisor will receive an email notification of this training request made by you. You must speak with your supervisor prior to submitting this form and confirm use of department or personal funds for payment, as well as accounting for time away from work to attend the course.
  • In-Service Training Registration Agreement

    I certify I have discussed my application for State In-Service training with my manager/supervisor. I further certify that my supervisor has approved my training request before this request submission, including the use of department funds (if applicable) to pay for the course and how to account for time away from work to attend the course.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.