Common Payroll Questions

Direct deposit sheet

How do I change my tax withholdings?

Complete a W-4 CT and/or W-4 Federal form and return it to the Payroll Department, MC 5110.

How do I get a copy of previous W2's?

Contact the Payroll Department and we will request a new W-2. It takes about 1 week to 10 days to get the W-2 processed.

How can I get my check direct deposited?

Complete a Direct Deposit Authorization and Input Form and send the original to Payroll, MC 5110. Forms are also available in the Human Resources department.

When will my first direct deposit be effective?

Direct deposits typically take two weeks to become effective.

What happens if I change my bank and account number?

Complete a new Direct Deposit Authorization and Input Form and send the original to Payroll, MC 5110. Forms are also available in the Human Resources department. Changes of this type go through a two-week pre-note process to ensure the deposit will be transferred correctly. Therefore, you will receive one live check until the direct deposit takes effect.

I lost my paycheck. How can it be replaced?

Employees must go to Human Resources with a photo ID. Upon arrival, the Payroll Unit will prepare, and have notarized, a lost check affidavit.

How can I find out what my paycheck gross amount will be for the time report submitted or prior time periods?

This information is available for hourly employees only and can be accessed from the Self Service Banner. The information can be reviewed on the Thursday after payday.

What do I have to do if I serve jury duty?

Each employee whose assignment authorization is at least 50% who is accepted as a juror or required to appear in court, shall be granted leave for such purposes at no loss of pay or change to any other leave provided that the employee notifies the appropriate department head within two (2) days of receiving jury duty notification and the employee turns the jury pay over to UConn Health. Use Code 270 in KRONOS to reflect time used for jury duty.

An original or copy of the Certificate of Juror Recognition must be submitted to Payroll, MC 5110. If you do not receive this certificate, a copy may be obtained from the court where you served.

What do I do if I am dismissed from jury duty early?

Record the time you actually served at the court in KRONOS. Once dismissed, you are expected to return to work. If you choose not to return, you are expected to use your own time; i.e., personal, vacation or compensatory time.

Where do I send the check I received from the court where I served jury duty?

The entire check should be submitted to the Payroll, MC 5110, unless you are compensated for travel and parking. In this case, cash the check, keep the travel and parking money and submit a personal check or money order for the balance made payable to UConn Health.

Would like to join the credit union or would like to change the amount withheld?

Duplicate credit union forms can be picked up in Human Resources. Use these forms to sign up or change your deduction. Forms should be sent to the credit union. Please note: there is a $25 minimum balance to open an account.