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What to Do If You're


If you have decided to make a change, be it a new career path or simply a new challenge and are seeking a voluntary resignation, the required procedure for resigning at UConn Health is simple enough:

  1. Submit a written notification with a minimum notice period of two weeks to your supervisor. View Sample Notification Letter.
  2. Notify Human Resources of the resignation via email at
  3. Human Resources will contact you to offer a confidential exit interview to discuss benefits and last paycheck information. The exit interview does not apply to internal transfers, special payroll, students, re-employed retirees and per diem employees.
  4. Discuss the status of work assignments with your manager/supervisor and provide him/her with any UConn Health property, access codes and/or software for computers, voicemail, etc.
  5. Return your UConn Health identification badge, parking hangtag to the Parking and Transportation Office, MC 8230.  Any keys issued during your employment should be returned to Public Safety.
  6. Remove all your personal belongings by your last day of employment.



  1. Remind the employee that written notification is mandatory once the employee notifies you of their intent to voluntarily resign.
  2. Provide the employee with written acceptance of the employee's written resignation within two business days.
  3. Notify Human Resources immediately of an employee's resignation date at so as to prevent over payments, comply with federal and state laws and reporting procedures and secure and protect electronic and physical property.
  4. Forward written resignation and acceptance to Human Resources at
  5. Discuss the status of the work assignments with the employee and collect any UConn Health property as well as access codes and/or software for computers, voicemail, etc.
  6. Review the accuracy of the employee's final time card.
  7. Ensure that all outstanding time and attendance reporting issues are resolved.
  8. For faculty, ensure that an authorized faculty leave record is submitted to Payroll before the last day of employment.
  9. Review the appropriateness of position refill with your Employment Services Officer.


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Elizabeth Fay, 860-679-7573