Graduate Assistant Benefit Program

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Graduate assistants and/or trainees are eligible to enroll in medical and dental insurance plans. The Medical Insurance Plan Summary and the Dental Insurance Plan Summary briefly summarize available benefits for the medical and dental plans. These are not intended to be comprehensive descriptions of the plans.

Enrolling Eligible Dependents

If you plan to elect coverage for your eligible dependents, you will need to include documentation of each dependent’s eligibility status at the time of enrollment. For dependents who have social security numbers, you will need to include their social security numbers on their election form.

Qualified dependents generally include:

  • Your legally married spouse or civil union partner.
  • Your children, including stepchildren and adopted children, up to age 26 (disabled children may be covered beyond age 26).
  • Children for whom you are legal guardian up to age 18, unless proof of continued dependency is provided (allowing coverage up to age 26).

Medical & Dental Rates

Medical Plan Bi-weekly Rate
Employee Only 10.00
Employee + One Dependent 55.38
Family (2+ Dependents) 70.07
Dental Plan Bi-weekly Rate
Employee Only 4.97
Employee + One Dependent 9.93
Family (2+ Dependents) 19.86

COBRA Medical & Dental Rates and Information

Under federal and state law, the State of Connecticut is required to offer employees the opportunity to continue their current medical and dental plan options when coverage under the plan would otherwise end because of a qualifying event. An Initial COBRA Notification was made available to employees on their hire date.

To continue the coverage, members would have to pay the full cost of the coverage at group rates, which include an administrative fee.

The COBRA Administrator for the Partnership Plan is Anthem COBRA Unit at 1-800-433-5436.

COBRA Monthly Medical Costs 9/1/2023 - 8/31/2024
Employee - $469.57
Employee +1 - $953.26
Employee Family - $1,394.68

COBRA Monthly Dental Costs 9/1/2023 - 8/31/2024
Employee - $21.95
Employee +1 - $43.88
Employee Family - $87.78

The length of continuation is based on the qualifying event.

Qualifying Event Period of Coverage
Employment Termination up to 30 months
Reduction in hours up to 30 months
Leave of Absence Without Pay up to 30 months
Death of Employee up to 36 months
Enroll Child Reaches Age Limitation up to 36 months

The COBRA Administrator will automatically send a COBRA notice shortly following notification of the termination of coverage.

Additional Resources

State of CT Partnership Medical Benefit Plan Document
State of CT Partnership Pharmacy Benefit Plan Document
State of CT Partnership Dental Benefit Plan Document

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