UConn Health building

Mailing Address
Human Resources
UConn Health
P.O. Box 4035
Farmington, CT 06034-4035
Phone: 860-679-2426
Fax: 860-679-1051

In Person
Human Resources
16 Munson Road, 5th Floor
Farmington, CT 06032

HR Conference Room: 860-679-7249


Associate Vice President for Human Resources
Lakeesha Brown, 860-679-2204

Executive Director of Human Resources Operation
Storrs, Farmington, Regionals
Aliza Wilder, 860-486-8478

Administrative Officer
Etta Henderson, 860-679-3490

Fax: 860-679-1051

International Services

International Servies serves as a resource for immigration, international tax and human resource related issues for the international population at UConn Health.

International Specialist
Jaishree Duggal, 860-679-4430

HR Associate
Kaitlin Dornenburg, 860-679-4472

Fax: 860-679-1051

HR Consulting

HR Consulting is responsible for the administration of general human resources expertise across all human resources areas of knowledge and build ongoing support for HR solutions that meet the changing needs of the organization.

Human Resources Consultants
Institutional Support, Jessica Hajdasz, 860-679-4070
John Dempsey Hospital Operations, Shaela Ryng, 860-679-8067
UConn Medical Group, Shaela Ryng, 860-679-8067

School of Medicine, Jessica Hajdasz, 860-679-4070
School of Dental Medicine, Shaela Ryng, 860-679-8067

Labor Relations

Labor Relations is responsible for the administration of fair collective bargaining contract administration, grievance/arbitration processes, workforce separations, corrective actions, and training in related areas. The unit also investigates potential violations of collective bargaining agreements, agency policies or rules, provides interpretation and application of University policies and collective bargaining contracts, and provides management guidance related to employee performance and their responsibilities under the bargaining agreements.

Executive Director
Karen Buffkin, 860-679-2204

Employee & Labor Relations Associate - Labor Attorney
Erick Diaz Vazquez, 860-679-4588

Senior Labor Relations Specialist
Sylvia Santos, 860-679-3864

Labor Relations Specialist
Diane Ferguson, 860-679-6207

Administrative Program Assistant II
Marie Colavecchio, 860-679-4375

Fax: 860-679-4115

Organizational Development

Organizational Development is dedicated to building capacity in individuals and teams by delivering outstanding solutions that impact organizational effectiveness in support the UConn Health mission. It also leads the development and implementation of employee engagement strategies with a focus on improving culture and creating a positive workplace environment.

Robin Perregaux, 860-679-2035

Organizational Development Specialists
Alexis Crean, 860-679-4946
Marisol Cruz St. Juste, 860-679-2734
Roselyn Wright, 860-679-3419

Talent Acquisition

Talent Management partners with hiring managers and departments in finding, recruiting, and selecting the most talented individuals who align with UConn Health's mission, possess required competencies, and fit into the university's culture.

Interim Director
Joyce Smith, 860-679-1784

HR Associates
A–L, Janice Coco, 860-679-4103
M–Z, Swapna Das, 860-679-2837

Talent Acquisition Specialists

Campus Planning, Environmental Health and Safety, Finance, Human Resources/Payroll, Marketing and Communications, Strategic Planning, Joyce Smith, 860-679-1784

Facilities - Physical Plant, Logistics, Donna Alexander, 860-679-3431

Information Technology, Library, Patient Billing, Patient Access, Health Information Management, Pamela Rucker, 860-679-2040

UConn John Dempsey Hospital
Nursing, Advanced Practice Providers, Physician Assistants, CRNA, Clinical Practice Manager, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nursing Administrative Manager, Student Nursing, Elizabeth McNamara, 860-679-2115

Non-Nursing, Clinics, Facilities, Logistics, Donna Alexander, 860-679-3431

Canton and Storrs Urgent Care, JDH Dermatology, JDH Neurology/Nephrology, JDH Psych Outpatient, Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging, Joyce Smith, 860-679-1784

UConn Medical Group
Nursing, Advanced Practice Providers, Physician Assistants, CRNA, Clinical Practice Manager, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nursing Administrative Manager, Student Nursing, Elizabeth McNamara, 860-679-2115

All positions except, nursing, mid-level providers  Sarah Knapp, 860-679-3143

UConn School of Dental Medicine
All departments, Pamela Rucker, 860-679-2040

UConn School of Medicine
All departments, Sarah Knapp, 860-679-3143

Absence Management

Absence management helps plan, track, and handle employee leaves and accommodations, including administration, compliance with Federal laws, State of Connecticut statute, University policy, collective bargaining contracts, claims management, return-to-work support, and reporting.

Absence Management Manager
Ryan Bangham, 860-486-2036

Leaves – Medical, Military, Maternity
Personnel Specialist/FMLA, Dala Grabowski, 860-679-2901
Personnel Specialist/FMLA, Jake Plamenco, 860-679-3782
HR Resource Center, 860-679-2426

Workers' Compensation
Human Resources Associate, Debbie Garvey, 860-679-4589

ADA Accommodations
Case Manager, Kristin Donofrio, 860-679-2831

Fax: 860-679-4660


The Benefits Unit advises, administers, and provides services to employees in areas such as benefit enrollment, retirement and insurance plans, tax-deferred products, and tuition reimbursements/waivers.

Benefits Director
Jessica Van Alstyne, 860-679-3073

Health Insurance
A-L: Personnel Specialist, Teri Chasse, 860-679-2791
M-Z: HR Associate, Jennifer Hart, 860-679-3549

Retirement and Supplemental Benefits
Benefits Director, Jessica Van Alstyne, 860-679-3073

Tuition Reimbursement (UHP and Managerial/Confidential)
Jennifer Hart, 860-679-3549

Tuition Reimbursement (Classified)
Teri Chasse, 860-679-2791

Tuition Waivers
UHP Employees, Dependent Children of UHP, Faculty, and Managerial/Confidential Employees: Personnel Specialist, Teri Chasse, 860-679-2791

Compensation and Classification

The Compensation and Classification unit is responsible for the coordination of the classification program, the classification appeal process, employee-initiated and management-initiated classification review requests, and temporary or permanent reassignments. It provides new/replacement position classification; assists with departmental reorganizations; and receiving and processing requests for additional compensation.

Joyce Smith, 860-679-1784

Compensation and Classification Specialist
Dayna Ahern, 860-679-3989

Fax: 860-679-1051

Employee Resource Center

Employee Resource Specialists
Amy Lawson, 860-679-8367
Orlena Bordiere, 860-679-2917


Human Resources Assistants
Kasia Piekut, 860-679-7913
Bethany Rameika, 860-679-7913

Fax: 860-679-1051

HR Information Systems and Operations

HR Information Systems and Operations is responsible for implementing, setting standards for maintaining Human Resources information and employee records, longevity payments and bargaining unit pay increases. The unit also provides reporting services to all levels of management.

Lawrence Pittman, 860-679-4575

HR Information Systems
HRIS Specialist, Saba, Chris Desjardins, 860-679-7577
HRIS Administrator, iGreentree, Susan Keegan, 860-679-8170
HRIS Administrator, Kronos, Ken Lowell, 860-679-2427
HRIS Specialist, Kronos, Lisa Bartis, 860-679-3442

Banner Specialist, Sandy Leba, 860-679-4579

Personnel Transaction Requests
Human Resources Coordinator, Cathy Guidotti, 860-679-4663

Operations Manager
Liz Fay, 860-679-7573

Auditing/Operations Analysts
Processing of employee personnel and payroll records with last names beginning with:

A-C: Liz Fay, 860-679-7573
D-I: Lori Jovel860-679-3492
J-M: Heather Pike, 860-679-4368
N-R & PTRs: Cathy Guidotti, 860-679-4663
S-Z: Carrie Proctor, 860-679-2049

Fax: 860-679-1051

File Room: 860-679-7106


The Payroll Unit is responsible for processing employee payments on a bi-weekly basis, including regular pay, lump-sum payments for separating employees, workers’ compensation checks, and other pay due employees. In addition, the Payroll Unit assists employees with changes to pay, such as tax status, direct deposit, and other employee pay deductions.

Lawrence Pittman, 860-679-4575

Payroll Manager
Jodi Corbin, 860-679-2384

Payroll Associates
Responsible for general and workers' compensation payroll questions with last names beginning with:

A-C, K: Steven Hodska, 860-679-2380
D-J: April Hoyt, 860-679-3443
M-R and Payroll Coordinator: Jean Boyce, 860-679-2033
S-Z, L: Vivian Boucher, 860-679-2681

Fax: 860-679-1328