Request to Hire

Excel spreadsheet with numbers

A request to hire submission is required for all UConn Health recruitment and change actions. Non-faculty and faculty requests must include all required documents.

Policies and procedures have been established for Budget Reallocations submitted with requests to hire. Hiring questions should be directed to the requestor's Employment Services Human Resources Officer. Budget modification policy questions should be directed to the Finance Budget Office.


The process for requesting the hire of a non-faculty position is outlined in the Non-Faculty Vacancy/Reclass Approval Process document. The Vacancy Review Process, Non-Faculty Position flowchart depicts the process. For all non-faculty recruitments, the initiator of the request should complete the following:

The initiator should also attach the following:

  • Internal job description
  • Organizational chart
  • Resignation letter if applicable

Other information that may be useful in this process includes:


The hiring process for faculty is the same as that of non-faculty with the following required inclusions:

The Justification Form, Non-Faculty Position does not need to be completed. Faculty returning as retired reemployed retirees should follow the non-faculty process.