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Pumpkin Palooza 2023

Employees holding fall signs

Fall-elujah, Pumpkin Palooza returns to UConn Health Tuesday, October 24, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Center Courtyard and Online! The rain date is Thursday, October 26. Our pumpkin-decorating competition is a gourd time to be had by all. All employees, students, residents, and volunteers get in the spirit in three ways:

Enter an In-Person Pumpkin: Decorate a pumpkin as a department, team, or individual and drop off your “a-maize-ing” work for all to see. Entries will be accepted from 10 to 11 a.m. in the courtyard.

Enter a Virtual Pumpkin: Decorate a pumpkin – assistance from friends and family allowed then submit a photo or video entry. Submissions can be uploaded starting today until 10:30 a.m. day of event.

Visit the Courtyard: Vote for your favorite pumpkins in person and enjoy a seasonal treat. New this year! We are hosting a Cans for Candy Food Drive in support of our on-campus Food Pantry, Husky Harvest.  Fresh air, art, competition, community, and good fun - can't get any better!

2023 Palooza Results

1st Place – It feels like FALL season at UConn Health by Orthopedic Surgery - Sandra Barnosky, Arthur Kasimer-Colon, Nicole Kozlak, Kristina Valle

2nd Place- Phantom of Neurosurgery: by the Department of Neurosurgery: David Kotler, Medeline Medina, Anya Sweeney, Kristen Wojewudski

3rd Place – Something’s are Worth Melting for by UT5 Ortho Surgery - Nanette Pink, Selma Elmaz, Renee Harrison

Honorable Mention – Monster Microbiology by The Clinical Lab: Kim and Stacey

Honorable Mention – The Final Exam by the Morgue Mammas:  Joanna Ciambiello, Jessica Diaz, Abigail Gates, Ga Hie Nam, Maria Oquendo, Elizabeth Pitroff, Kirsten Saucier

Honorable Mention – CTO Bears Cares by the Clinical Trials Office – Neag Cancer Center - Annie Ali, Maddie Lowe, Kasia Nastri, Jill McNamara, Maria Ortiz, Vincent Rella


Blossoming Together: Cultivating Diversity in our Community - The Graduate School DEI Committee - Lana Angelo, Jenna Bartley, Leslie Caromile, Anne Delany, Brooke Dreyer, Debolina Ghosh, Barbara Kream, Lakshmi Nair, Britta Petersen, Stephanie Rauch, Helen Swede, Elizabeth Szabo

CT AHEC- Ellen Dariene, Petra, Cecil, Kaitlyn and Cynthia 

Eye Strings – Medical Records - Kim

Face off – Medical Records, Kim

I am PumpKenough - The Cato T Laurencin Institute - Sheila DeJesus, Janice Gambardella, Jolene Monahan

It's not about the pieces but how they work together – Project Search - Zyren Collins, Michaela Donelan, Kyle Gonzalez, Tanysha Washington, Sandy Finnimore

Night of the Living Mouse - The Scanlon Lab - Special credit to Erin McEwen

No Brainer – Department of Anatomy – Kyle Douyard

Typical Day on Med 3 – UT-3 Medicine – The entire Med-3 Team

Tree of Life -  Patient Experience Team - Tamara Cardoso, Lisa DeToma, Stephanie DiMauro, Madison Huebel,  April Mansi

Spooky Kitty – Torrington IMA - Christine Cswercko, Kala Kemp, Kelly Quijano, Allyson Petrauskas, Cat Lynn, Mollie Sogliuzzi

Torrington IMA - We Don't Shy Away - Torrington IMA - Christine Cswercko, Kala Kemp, Kelly Quijano, Allyson Petrauskas, Cat Lynn, Mollie Sogliuzzi

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