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Pumpkin Palooza 2020

The votes are in, the harvest is complete! Thanks to our wonderfully creative colleagues and many voters for participating in Pumpkin Palooza! Our seven remote and live contestants received an impressive 4,117 likes. See this year's winners featured in the  October 29 issue of The Pulse.  We hope that this light-hearted display brings some relief, ease, and social connection to your workday. Celebrating you, celebrating the season!

Pumpkin Palooza 2020 Results

First Place — "Morbidity & Mortality Conference" by David Kotler, Madeline Medina, and Nadejda Maseto from Neuro-Vascular Surgery"

Second Place "Hearts and Heroes" by By Rhonda Hickey, and Karen Collins from Rehab Services

Third Place "There’s No Place Like UConn Health" by Dorothy Linnhoff, Ann Sakitis, Jessica Bernard, Mike Nicholson, Dana Vibert, Michelle DeLayo, Diane Swol, Patti Bernier, Ashley Brennan-McBride, Katherine Ombrellaro, Jenn Sposito, Carolyn Guarino from Quality and Patient Safety

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