Department Information: F-1 Student Visa

2019 UConn Health graduates
Purpose: Foreign students enrolled in an academic program in the U.S. Full-time enrollment in an accredited educational program is a requirement.
Duration: Anywhere from 1 to 7 years depending on the length of the program.
Oversight: Managed by educational institutions within DHS (Department of Homeland Security) regulations.
Eligibility to Work: Maximum of 20 hours (when school is in session) ONLY at UConn Health or at Storrs campus. Can work as much as 40 hours during semester break or during summer when school is not in session. Curricular Practical Training: Off-campus employment for which the student will receive program credits is permitted with authorization from the International Office. Optional Practical Training: Employment upon completion of the academic program. Authorization from DHS required in the form of Employment Authorization Document (EAD). Maximum length of time 12 months. STEM OPT: To be eligible to apply for the 17-month extension of OPT; the student must be a certain S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) degree holder. Student and employer must meet certain criteria to be eligible.
Document Required: Form I-20 issued by the institution where the student is enrolled, I-94 and passport.
Process: Admissions Office (UConn Health), Graduate School (Storrs campus), Human Resources International Office (UConn Health), DHS and U.S. Consulates.
UConn Health Obligations: Manage the program as PDSO and DSO; comply with DHS regulation; track and report to SEVIS on a regular basis.
Dependent Visa: F-2 visa; employment not permitted; cannot be enrolled in an academic program.
Benefits: If employed by UConn Health, does not receive retirement benefits. Health Insurance is not mandatory by DHS regulations. However, would prefer them to have health insurance.
Department Checklist: See F-1 Visa Checklist

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