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Lactation Resources at Work

UConn Health is committed to promoting a positive work life integration for its employees. As part of these efforts, we are pleased to provide lactation resources to ensure that the needs of breastfeeding women are met. Lactation rooms are available for employees, students and visitors who wish to express milk. For questions, please contact Human Resources.


The purpose of this policy is to provide employees and students who are breastfeeding a private place and reasonable break time to express breast milk for their nursing child. This policy is in accordance with relevant laws and regulations regarding breastfeeding in the workplace. Learn more.


The lactation areas on UConn Health premises are available for use by employees, students, volunteers and visitors. Learn more.


These procedures accompany the University’s Lactation Policy and are intended to establish standards, resources and contact information specific to UConn Health. Learn more.


A class offered on breastfeeding for expectant parents led by a certified lactation consultant. Learn more.

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