Common ePay Questions

Direct deposit sheet

I don’t know my employee number. Where can I find it?

Your employee number is located on your pay stub in the box to the right of your name and address.

How do I get to the Core-CT Portal?

You can access the Core-CT Portal directly or on the Human Resources website. It is recommended that you add this link to your “Favorites.”

How do I reset my password?

If this is not the first time you have logged into the system, you can use the “Forgot your password?” link on the Core-CT log in page.

I never set up my security questions and/or did not provide a system email address. How do I reset my password?

You will need to log a ticket through UConn Health's IT Help Desk at 860-679-4400.

I have logged in with incorrect credentials and have locked myself out. How do I reset my password?

You will need to log a ticket through the UConn Health's IT Help Desk at 860-679-4400.

When can I view my pay check?

The paycheck/advice that you would normally receive on pay day (every other Thursday) is accessible on that payday Thursday. You may access your paycheck data from the previous two years during normal system availability.

When can I access the Core-CT Portal to view my paycheck?

You may access the system during the following times:

Monday through Sunday: 4 a.m. to 8 p.m.

HRMS confirm Thursday*: 4 a.m. to 2 p.m.

*HRMS confirm Thursday is the Thursday of a non-pay week. Core-CT system availability may change unexpectedly on short notice.

Can I submit a request for name/address change on Core-CT?

UConn Health is not using the Core-CT Name and Address change functionality. For personal information changes, please continue to use the Name/Address Change Form on the Human Resources online forms page.

My phone number does not appear in Core-CT. Should I add it?

No, UConn Health does not use the Core-CT phone number functionality.

I work at UConn Health and another state agency. How can I access both of my pay statements?

You will be able to access the pay statements for all of your state jobs by using the Core-CT Portal.

How can I get assistance?

Please call the Payroll Unit in Human Resources at 860-679-2426.

If I leave UConn Health, will I still have access to my online statements?

No, the online access is for active employees only.

I still receive a paper check. Can I access my information online as well?

Yes, all active employees may access their payment information online.

I don’t understand the information on my statement.

The Payroll website contains a Pay Statement Guide to assist employees with understanding the information on their pay stub.

I clicked on the paycheck link and nothing is happening. What is wrong?

Please check your popup blocker settings. You may need to allow popups from this site.

What browsers can I use to log in to Core-CT?

If you are trying to log in using an uncertified browser, the Core-CT home page will prompt you with a list of approved browsers.

I do not have access to a computer, how can I view my paycheck information?

If you do not have access to a computer, please see your supervisor for assistance.

I am a rehired retiree and I cannot access ePay.

Core-CT is excluding rehired retirees from the ePay ID creation process. We are looking into a resolution of this issue and will post an update when it has been resolved

How can I get my check direct deposited?

Complete a Direct Deposit Authorization and Input Form and send the original to Payroll, MC 5110. Forms are also available in the Human Resources department.