Department Information: J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa

Dr. Andrew Arnold in the lab with other researchers
Purpose: Exchange visitor for the purpose of studying, research, teaching, etc.
Categories: Student, Student Intern, Research Scholar, Short-term Scholar, Professor
Duration: Student: 1 to 7 years depending on the length of the program
Student Intern: 1 year
Research Scholar: 5 years
Short-term Scholar: 6 months
Professor: 5 years
Oversight: UConn Health managed within U.S. State Department regulations.
Eligibility to Work: Student: Maximum 20 hours at the institution enrolled.Researchers and Faculty: Can only be employed by the sponsoring institution in the field specified in the DS-2019. Usually within the same department. Academic Training: Students are eligible for academic training upon completion of program (Master’s - 18 months, Ph.D. - 36 months). Researchers and faculty can only be employed at UConn Health.
Document Required: Form DS-2019 issued by the sponsoring institution, I-94 and Passport.
Process: UConn Health department/dental residency programs, Human Resources International Office, DHS, U.S. Consulates.
UConn Health Obligations: Manage the program as RO and ARO; comply with DHS regulations and requirements to sponsor and maintain visa status of an employee.
Dependent Visa: J-2 visa; employment is permitted with authorization from DHS (EAD card); can be enrolled in an academic program.
Benefits: If employed by UConn Health, does not receive retirement benefits. J-2 dependents receive retirement. Health insurance is required based on J regulation. (UConn Health provides health insurance when eligible.)
Department Checklist:

See J-1 Visa Checklist

(Employed by UConn Health ex: Postdocs and Dental Residents)

  1. Request for DS-2019
  2. Request for J-2 Dependents
  3. No Patient Contact
  4. Faculty Attestation for Insurance
  5. English Proficiency Form for J-1

Special J-1 Visa categories

Visiting International Student/Intern

  1. Department Checklist
  2. Training Plan
  3. Midpoint Evaluation
  4. Final Evaluation

Visiting Scientist

  1. Department Checklist
  2. Committee Review Checklist for Non-paid Visiting Scientist