Department Information: H-1B Temporary Worker in a Specialty Occupation Visa

Dr. Andrew Arnold in the lab with other researchers
Purpose: Temporary worker in specialty occupation. Performs specialized and professional services for the sponsoring employer in a specific position with a specified salary for a certain period of time.
Duration: Initial work authorization may be granted up to 3 years possible; maximum length of stay is 6 years.
Oversight: Department of Homeland Security
Eligibility to Work: Employer and employment specific. Limited to the specifics of the appointment (department, title, salary, etc.)240 days rule applies for extensions.Portability applies when there is a change in employer.
Document Required: DHS approval notice (I-797) employer specific, I-94 and Passport
(*If using H portability, DHS receipt of the H filing from the new employer and valid I-797 from the previous employer is required.)
Process: UConn Health’s hiring departments, International Office, State and Federal Labor Departments, DHS, (U.S. Consulate is involved only when the potential employee is overseas at the time of hire.)
UConn Health Obligations: Comply with DOL and DHS regulations.
Dependent Visa: H-4 visa; employment permitted with immigration authorization; can be enrolled in an academic program.
Benefits: Receives the same benefits as a U.S. worker.
Department Checklist: See H-1B Visa Checklist
Forms: Export Control Form