iHiring Manager Tips and Suggestions

Tim Manke in his office

How do I view my requisitions?

Click on req option on the left side of the screen and then from the drop down, click on my reqs to view requisitions that have been assigned to you as the hiring manager. Click on the requisition number highlighted in blue to view a particular requisition.

What information is on the requisition screen?

This screen contains all of the information about the position, including the job title, department, salary grade, FTE, shift, hiring goals, recruiters name, department contact, and the actual posting as it appears on the website.

Where do I find the Affirmative Action Targets for my position?

Target goals are found on the requisition screen and are listed as WM, WF, BM, BF, HM, HF, OM, OF.

How do I see the qualified applicants and their applications?

Click on the + sign next to the requisition number to view all of the qualified applicants. Click on documents for to view all of the documents that the applicants have submitted.

What does mandatory interview mean?

Applicants can be designated as mandatory due to the various collective bargaining unit agreements, recall rights, or if they are qualified affirmative action goal applicants.

Should I change the result field?

Yes, the result should be changed to interviewed or not interviewed.

Under what circumstances do I use the comments field?

Candidate selection and non-selection justifications are typed in the comments field. For all interviewed candidates, the justification must explain the reason for selection or non-selection. For all qualified candidates not interviewed, the justification must explain the reason why they were not interviewed.

What are some tips for completing Justifications?

  • It is always best to start with the applicant that you have selected as you know your reason for selection.
  • Stay away from terms such as less experience, more experience, etc.
  • Be specific about the years of experience in comparison with the selected applicant.
  • Avoid subjective sentences. Be sure there is documentation to support your reasoning.
  • Be consistent in your justifications.

I have not been trained in iHiring Manager, what is the process for obtaining a username and password?

Please contact Susan Keegan, 860-679-8170.