Qinfang Liu receives prestigious Henderson Award

Qinfang Liu, a graduate student from Dr. Yulan Xiong’s lab in our neuroscience graduate program, won the 2023 Henderson Award. This award is given annually to the student with the best dissertation in the Biomedical Science PhD program, UConn Health. During Qinfang’s PhD thesis study, he discovered both upstream regulation of LRRK2 mRNA decay and […]

Xiong lab Identifies Key Mechanism for Parkinson’s Disease

As posted in UConn Today August 1, 2023 by Anna Zarra Aldrich ’20 (CLAS), Office of the Vice President for Research, Yulan Xiong, assistant professor of neuroscience at UConn Health, and her team have discovered that a regulator compound holds the potential to treat Parkinson’s Disease. Scientists have known that, in most familial cases, Parkinson’s […]

Recent discoveries from Trakhtenberg lab covered in the news

UConn Health press release on two recent research articles from Trakhtenberg lab, New insights into how axons grow could lead to effective therapies for blindness, paralysis (by Kim Krieger, published in UConn Today), was covered in research news of the NIH National Eye Institute, which funded these studies, and in multiple news outlets. The articles revealed new insights […]