Month: April 2023

Marc Benoit successfully defends PhD thesis

Congratulations to Marc Benoit for successfully defending his PhD thesis. Dr. Benoit has conducted his thesis study in the Yan lab by investigating the cell autonomous and non-autonomous role of the C-terminal fragment of CX3CL1 by utilizing unbiased single nucleus RNA sequencing approach.  Marc has also published his study on identifying defects in maturation of […]

2023 Dean’s Award to Michael Li and mentor Dr. Royce Mohan

2023 Dean’s Award to Michael Li (student) and Dr. Royce Mohan (mentor) The UConn School of Medicine Dean’s award is presented to an outstanding medical student and their research mentor. Michael Li, a second-year medical student, is the 2023 awardee in recognition of his outstanding summer research project that was performed in the Mohan Lab. […]

Sarah Palko has successfully defended her PhD thesis

Congratulations to Dr. Sarah Palko The Mohan and Yan labs are proud to have jointly mentored the PhD thesis of Sarah Palko in retinal neurodegeneration spanning the fields of age-related macular degeneration and Alzheimer’s disease. We wish her the best as she departs UConn Health to embark on a postdoctoral fellowship at Trinity College Dublin […]