The equipment (BioRad CFX96) is located on the 4th floor (L4029) and can be scheduled online only by signing into the qPCR Calendar Signup with your UConn Health username and password.

When making your reservation, please note the last name of the user, the name of the lab, and the extension at which that user can be reached. Each block of reservable time is limited to 2 hours maximum.

Users may only sign up for consecutive blocks of time if NO ONE ELSE has requested one of your time slots. If you have more than one block of time reserved, you MUST release any subsequent blocks of time if requested by another user.

Those interested in installing the software (PC only) on lab computers can sign the CD out from Dr. Stephen Crocker (crocker@uchc.edu, 860-679-8750, E4054).

Access to the qPCR is limited to Neuroscience lab members and training should be coordinated by the PI from your lab.  Badge access may be granted after training has been completed.  Questions may be forwarded to Shannon Mancini.  Questions regarding the equipment may be forwarded to Dr. Stephen Crocker.

Equipment administrator:  Dr. Stephen Crocker, crocker@uchc.edu