The department has two cryostats, restricted to members of the Neuroscience Department, located in Room E4011. 


Leica CM1860 UV, includes a certified UVC disinfection system, and a unique premium blade holder with a designated finger guard, blade ejector and palm rest for brush technique users. Thermo OTF5000 includes full anti-roll plate adjustment coupled with long lasting temperature stability. Both cryostats are capable of cutting a wide diversity of specimens from eye to brain.


Leica Cryostat Training Videos


Use of the cryostat is restricted to members of the Neuroscience Department.


All trained users must sign up on the SharePoint calendar before using:


Leica Cryostat Calendar Signup


Thermo Cryostat Calendar Signup


(Only trained users have access to the calendar.)

Equipment administrator:  Dr. David Martinelli,