Genetically-encoded calcium indicators -Scientific Reports, Antic

Genetically‑encoded calcium indicators (GECIs) are essential for studying brain function, while voltage indicators (GEVIs) are slowly permeating neuroscience. Fundamentally, GECI and GEVI measure different things, but both are advertised as reporters of “neuronal activity”.  Dr. Srdjan D. Antic, associate professor, recently published “Population imaging discrepancies between a genetically-encoded calcium indicator (GECI) versus a genetically-encoded voltage […]

Mohan lab receives cover of Journal of Neuroscience Research

The Mohan lab has recently identified the genetic signatures of corneal nonmyelinating Schwann cells, and illuminated novel biomarkers of this cell type. This paper has received the cover of the Journal of Neuroscience Research http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/jnr.24757 On the cover: Nonmyelinating corneal Schwann cells ensheathing axons in the corneal stroma were visualized by the expression of green […]