Dr. Timothy Spellman appears in UConn Health’s “The Pulse”

Science in Seconds: Attention-Grabbing Brain Research Neuroscientist Timothy Spellman is focusing his attention on attention – and why it’s disrupted in a wide range of psychiatric and neurological diseases from schizophrenia to Alzheimer’s. His lab is using new experimental techniques that he designed to study the part of the brain that controls attention. By learning […]

Verma and Liang research work published in Hartford Courant

New publication from Verma and Liang’ research work receives news coverage by Hartford Courant Stroke remains a leading cause of disability in the United States. Despite decades of efforts, first neuroprotective treatment is still waiting its approval for clinical use.  In collaboration with Dr. Bruce Liang of Calhoun Cardiology Department and Kenneth Jacobson of NIH/NIDDK, […]

3 year AHA Transformational Project Award to Dr. Verma

After an ischemic stroke, injured or newborn neurons do not survive due to impaired vasculature in ischemic tissue. Inadequate blood supply in the infarct area exacerbate not only tissue damage but also prevent recovery. This led to the hypothesis that improving blood supply to the peri-infarct tissue would increase trophic support and thus improve post-stroke […]