A defense bunker for retinal citrullination – Mohan

A defense bunker for retinal citrullination To avert combating stress at the epicenter of phototransduction, the process by which light is converted to a neural signal in photoreceptors, neuroscience professor Royce Mohan at the UConn School of Medicine proposes that the mammalian retina may have evolved a novel defense strategy to respond to injury and […]

Welcome Timothy Spellman, Ph.D.

Tim Spellman is a neurobiologist focused on the physiological substrates of executive functioning within higher-order association areas of the brain. Dr. Spellman uses a range of cutting-edge tools, including optogenetics, chemogenetics, extra-cellular electrophysiology, 2-photon and light field imaging, calcium and voltage indicators, pharmacology, custom robotics, and advanced statistics to investigate how the coordinated activity of […]