Graduate Training Program

Current Students

Welcome! We look forward to many interactions as we explore the fascinating field of neuroscience together over the next few years. This section of our website describes the Neuroscience Graduate Program requirements and expectations and details the series of milestones that you will need to accomplish as you progress toward the final goal, a Doctor of Philosophy degree from UConn Health.

Prospective Students

For those who are in the process of deciding where to attend graduate school, or determining which program at UConn Health best fits your interests, this site should provide answers to some questions you may have pertaining to our educational philosophy, research opportunities, and financial support. Additional information can be found at the following Graduate School websites:

Educational Philosophy

Providing the fundamental training and intellectual foundation for the next generation of neuroscientists, so they can build upon and branch out from the current knowledge-base in the field of neuroscience, is a primary educational goal of the Neuroscience Graduate Program at UConn Health. The Neuroscience Graduate Program faculty members, with their diverse interests, recognize the need to include a broad spectrum of topics in our curriculum. Although the vision, language, and approaches of molecular, cellular, and physiological neuroscientists may seem far removed from those of anatomical, systems, or behavioral neuroscientists, an understanding of each is necessary if students are to appreciate nervous system function and dysfunction fully, and ultimately, meet the challenges and demands of a future career in academia or industry.

Key Contacts

Stephen Crocker

Stephen Crocker, Ph.D.
Program Director
Room E4054
Phone: 860-679-8750

Eric Levine

Eric Levine, Ph.D.
Associate Program Director
Room E3056
Phone: 860-679-2145

Yulan Xiong
Yulan Xiong, Ph.D.
Assistant Program Director
Room L4087
Phone: 860-679-4116

Barbara Kream, Ph.D.

Barbara Kream, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
Graduate School
Phone: 860-679-3849