Mohan lab illuminates novel target for AMD

Sarah Palko, neuroscience graduate student, is studying age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in the Mohan lab. Their work has shown in multiple models of retinal degeneration that the enzyme peptidyl arginine deiminase-4 (PAD4) drives a pathological process known as citrullination ( Sarah has now extended her study by validating a critical role for PAD4 driven hypercitrullination […]

Levine lab presents new research at the 2022 SFN meeting

Tiwanna Robinson, Marwa Elamin, and Deepa Anjan Kumar from the Levine lab presented new research at the Society for Neuroscience meeting that was highlighted in Spectrum.  Please see link to article below:  

Dr. Timothy Spellman appears in UConn Health’s “The Pulse”

Science in Seconds: Attention-Grabbing Brain Research Neuroscientist Timothy Spellman is focusing his attention on attention – and why it’s disrupted in a wide range of psychiatric and neurological diseases from schizophrenia to Alzheimer’s. His lab is using new experimental techniques that he designed to study the part of the brain that controls attention. By learning […]