The Zeiss Confocal (LSM800), located in L4022, is equipped with live imaging capabilities and is available for labs within the Department of Neuroscience to use.

ALL labs must follow these rules:

  • Each user will be allocated a time slot of three hours maximum per day, and two times per week. You can continue to use it if no one books the confocal after you.
  • The user will be given 30 minutes grace time. If you sign-up for the confocal and don’t appear within 30 minutes, another person can take your time slot without argument.
  • The user may leave the confocal on after use if someone is booked within 1 hour of his/her end time. If a user is unable to use confocal for a time he/she booked, it is his/her responsibility to check and turn off the machine as previous user may left it on for them to use (several times confocal was left on over night).
  • The user must follow the cleaning and data saving instructions mentioned in the confocal room.
  • ALL Users must be trained by Dr. Yan’s lab.

NOTE: This equipment is owned and maintained by Dr. Riqiang Yan’s lab and they reserve the right to remove labs who do not follow these rules.


FOR TRAINED USERS: You may reserve a time slot on the following calendar (Username and lab must be listed in the subject line)
Confocal Calendar Signup L4022


FOR USERS WHO HAVE NOT BEEN TRAINED: Please contact Dr. Xiangyou Hu,


ALL other questions should be directed to Dr. Xiangyou Hu:

Xiangyou Hu, PhD,