Program Administrative Committee Members

Director and Associate Director

The Director of the Neuroscience Program, who serves a 5-year term from December 1st to November 30th of the fifth year, performs a number of important programmatic functions, including: 1) acting as the sole voting Program representative and voice on the Graduate Programs Committee (GPC), which sets the policies of the Graduate School; 2) chairing all annual General Examination Committees, maintain protocol and providing consistency between examination; 3) oversees Program activities during recruitment weekends.

The functions of the Associate Director including: 1) assuming the position of Program Director after 5 years; 2) chairing the Student Progress Committee, which meets biannually after fall and spring semesters; 3) substituting for the Director at monthly meetings of the GPC. While the Associate Director is invited to attend monthly GPC meetings, they carry no vote or voice at the meetings when the Director is present. However, the Associate Director acts in the full capacity of the Director in the Director’s absence.

Student Progress Committee

The purpose of this committee is to provide advice and guidance to Neuroscience students and to monitor their progress from the time they enter the program until they have completed their dissertation. One member of the SPC must be included on every Thesis Advisory Committees. SPC members communicate with their assigned students before each SPC meetings, which occur immediately after the end of fall and spring semesters. The SPC meets to discuss student grades, rotation reports, Thesis Advisory Committee meeting reports, and to consider petitions from students for alterations in their individual program or Plan of Study. At the end of the academic year, the SPC reviews the status of every student in the Neuroscience Graduate Program; any concerns are discussed with the student’s Thesis Supervisor.

  • Stephen Crocker (Chair)
  • Richard Mains
  • Doug Oliver
  • Royce Mohan
  • Zhao-Wen Wang
  • Eric Levine

Neuroscience Admissions Committee

  • Stephen Crocker
  • Royce Mohan