One focus of our department and training and graduate program is research, which is aimed at understanding the processes that underlie neural development, mature neuronal function, plasticity, nervous system organization, learning and memory, normal aging, neurodegeneration, mental disorders, substance abuse, and behavioral abnormalities. Another focus is teaching and the mentoring needed to train the next generation of neuroscientists so they can build upon, and branch out from, the current store of knowledge in neuroscience. Our methods range from molecular biology to human psychophysics. What makes UConn Health Department of Neuroscience unique is that our faculty, with their diverse interests, recognize the need to include a broad spectrum of topics in our training program. The language of a psychophysicist may seem far removed from that of a single cell PCR cloner, but both will be needed if we are to gain enough insight into nervous system function so we can design therapeutic strategies to prevent disease progression and repair the damaged nervous system.