Ricky Paramo aims high on Ophthalmology residency

Ricky Paramo, a fourth-year medical student at the UCONN School of Medicine, will be pursuing his residency training at New York Medical College (NYMC). Founded in 1875, NYMC represents the oldest partnership between a private medical school and a hospital in the United States. Ricky has trained in ocular research with Drs. Royce Mohan and Paola Bargagna-Mohan in the neuroscience department. Ricky contributed to several Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology conference abstracts, including a key first-authored research publication that illuminated the impact of chemical injuries that cause simultaneous corneal and retinal degeneration. The Mohan lab is especially honored to mentor underrepresented UConn medical students who choose to conduct their summer and capstone research projects towards highly competitive careers in Ophthalmology.