Journal Club

The Neuroscience Journal Club coincides with the spring and fall semesters and are held on Wednesday’s, 12-1 p.m., Neuroscience Conference Room, E4036 (unless otherwise noted).

FALL 2019 Schedule

Date Presenter Title Lab Room
September 4 Matthew Sticco Graduate Assistant Martinelli E4036
11 Cara Hardy Graduate Assistant Smith E4036
18 Robert Pijewski Graduate Assistant Crocker E4036
25 Pranay Srivastava Postdoc Verma E4036
October 2 Marwa Elamin Graduate Assistant Levine E4036
9 Dea Gorka Graduate Assistant Chamberlain E4036
16 Ramalakshmi Ramaswamy Graduate Assistant Smith/Crocker E4036
30 Bruce Rheaume Graduate Assistant Trakhtenberg E4036
November 6 Neeraj Singh Postdoc Yan E4036
13 Michal Ragan Graduate Assistant Wang E4036
20 Emily Fabrizio-Stover Graduate Assistant Olive E4036
December 4 Joyshree Biswas Postdoc Martinelli E4036


Journal Club Organizers: Dr. Rosa Guzzo and Dr. David Martinelli