Journal Club

The Neuroscience Journal Club coincides with the spring and fall semesters and at this time are held in person and virtually every Wednesday from 12-1 p.m., unless otherwise noted (RIP presentations 12-1:15 p.m.)


Spring 2022:  All students in-person & masked, room E4036


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SPRING 2022 Schedule

Date Presenter Title Lab Room
1/26/2022 Sebastian Hormigo-Munoz PhD Castro E4036
2/2/2022 Pearl Sutter MD/PhD Candidate Crocker E4036
2/9/2022 Shifan Chen Graduate Candidate Xiong E4036
2/16/2022 Annie Yao MD/PhD Candidate Yan E4036
2/23/2022 Deepa Anjan Kumar Graduate Candidate Levine E4036
3/2/2022 Keaven Caro MD/PhD Candidate Martinelli E4036
3/9/2022 Qinfang Liu Graduate Candidate Xiong E4036
3/23/2022 Matthew Frost Graduate Candidate Trakhtenberg E4036
3/30/2022 William Theune Graduate Candidate Trakhtenberg E4036
4/6/2022 Jacob Hudobenko MD/PhD Candidate Yan E4036
4/13/2022 NO CLASS E4036
4/20/2022 John Zhou Graduate Candidate Yan E4036
4/27/2022 Dr. Chrisopher “Kit” Bonin Grant Science Writer E4036
5/4/2022 Dr. Sonu Singh PhD Bae E4036

RIP = Research in Progress

RIP talks for third year students and above are a Neuroscience AoC requirement.


Questions: Journal Club Organizers: Dr. Rosa Guzzo and Dr. Paola Bargagna-Mohan