Journal Club

The Neuroscience Journal Club coincide with the spring and fall semesters and at this time are held in person and virtually every Wednesday from 12-1 p.m., unless otherwise noted (RIP presentations 12-1:15 p.m.).


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FALL 2021 Schedule

Date Presenter Title Lab Room
9/1/2021 Organizational Meeting Welcome Virtual
9/8/2021 Marwa Elamin Graduate Assistant, 5th year Levine Virtual
9/15/2021 Dea Gorka Graduate Assistant, 5th year Chamberlain Virtual
9/22/2021 Bruce Rheaume Graduate Assistant, 4th year Trakhtenberg Virtual
9/29/2021 Ramalakshmi Ramasamy Graduate Assistant, 4th year Smith Virtual
10/6/2021 Emily Fabrizio-Stover Graduate Assistant, 4th year Oliver Virtual
10/13/2021 Michal Ragan Graduate Assistant, 4th  year Wang Virtual
10/20/2021 Megan Rouillard Graduate Assistant, 4th year Crocker Virtual
10/27/2021 Jian Xing Graduate Assistant, 4th year Trakhtenberg Virtual
11/3/2021 Sarah Palko Graduate Assistant, 3rd year Yan Virtual
11/10/2021 NO CLASS SFN Meeting Virtual
11/17/2021 Pengyu Zong Graduate Assistant, 3rd year Yue Virtual
12/1/2021 Kiranmayi Vedantham Graduate Assistant, 3rd year Wang Virtual
12/8/2021 Marc Benoit Graduate Assistant, 3rd year Yan Virtual

RIP = Research in Progress

RIP talks for third year students and above are a Neuroscience AoC requirement.


Questions: Journal Club Organizers: Dr. Rosa Guzzo and Dr. Paola Bargagna-Mohan