Trakhtenberg lab discovers novel mechanism of axon regeneration

A new discovery from Trakhtenberg lab, recently published in Experimental Neurology, revealed a novel class of molecular regulators of axon regeneration. The discovery was covered in the news article, UConn Health Researchers Find that Youthful Proteins Help Nerves Regrow (by Kim Krieger, published in UConn Today). The study was funded by the NIH National Eye […]

Matt Frost from Dr Trakhtenberg’s lab won an award at a symposium

Matthew Frost, a graduate student in Dr. Trakhtenberg’s lab, presented a poster on Neuroprotection and Regeneration of Optic Nerve Axons at the Vision Injury Research Forum (VIRF), co-hosted by The Department of Defense (DOD), Vision Research Program (VRP), and Vision Center of Excellence (VCE), and won Lightning Talk 2nd place award at the 8th Military Vision Symposium […]