High distinctions for medical students from the Mohan lab

The Mohan lab is proud to announce the research achievements of students from the UCONN School of Medicine who will present their innovative results at the 2024 international conference Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) held in Seattle, WA. Michael Li, who is investigating the role of Schwann cells in corneal nerve regeneration, […]

Trakhtenberg lab discovers novel mechanism of axon regeneration

A new discovery from Trakhtenberg lab, recently published in Experimental Neurology, revealed a novel class of molecular regulators of axon regeneration. The discovery was covered in the news article, UConn Health Researchers Find that Youthful Proteins Help Nerves Regrow (by Kim Krieger, published in UConn Today). The study was funded by the NIH National Eye […]