Verma and Liang research work published in Hartford Courant

New publication from Verma and Liang’ research work receives news coverage by Hartford Courant

Stroke remains a leading cause of disability in the United States. Despite decades of efforts, first neuroprotective treatment is still waiting its approval for clinical use.  In collaboration with Dr. Bruce Liang of Calhoun Cardiology Department and Kenneth Jacobson of NIH/NIDDK, Verma lab has published its finding for a novel P2X4R inhibitor and its role in neuroprotection after ischemic stroke in “Journal of Medicinal Chemistry” (PMID: PMID: 36150180). This work attracted Hartford Courant journalist Ed Stannard who later published a news clip on these findings in the October 22, 2022 print subscription and featured on CT section cover page. The online version of this news clip can be found on For more information about this project and potential employment opportunities please visit Verma lab (

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