Welcome Timothy Spellman, Ph.D.

Timothy SpellmanTim Spellman is a neurobiologist focused on the physiological substrates of executive functioning within higher-order association areas of the brain. Dr. Spellman uses a range of cutting-edge tools, including optogenetics, chemogenetics, extra-cellular electrophysiology, 2-photon and light field imaging, calcium and voltage indicators, pharmacology, custom robotics, and advanced statistics to investigate how the coordinated activity of biological neural networks processes information in both healthy and psychiatrically impaired brain states. After completing his Ph.D. work with Joshua Gordon at Columbia University, he joined the lab of Conor Liston at Weill Cornell Medical College, where his postdoctoral work focused on identifying cell types within prefrontal cortex that support cognitive flexibility. Dr. Spellman joins the University of Connecticut School of Medicine in fall of 2021, where his lab will continue to center its work around both basic and translational models of executive processing in the mammalian cortex.

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