Brain stem cells in multiple sclerosis patients

Stephen CrockerStephen J. Crocker, PhD, associate professor for the Department of Neuroscience, along with his lab and colleagues had their recent study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), titled “Cellular senescence in progenitor cells contributes to diminished remyelination potential in progressive multiple sclerosis.” This publication features how brain stem cells in people with the most severe form of multiple sclerosis (MS) look much older than they really are, which could be the key to new treatments for the disease.   Dr. Crocker talks more about this study in his featured story published in the UConn Today, Study: Brain Stem Cells Age Faster in MS Patients and in the following video released by the The New York Stem Cell Foundation, where they sit down with both Dr. Crocker and co-author Valentina Fossati, PhD.