Pengyu Zong Receives Travel Award at BCVS Meeting

A critical role of TRPM2-NMDAR coupling in excitotoxicity during ischemic stroke. Ischemic stroke is a major cause of death worldwide. To develop better therapies, Dr. Yue’s group focuses on investigating the mechanisms of ischemic neuronal death, which is classically thought to be induced by N-Methyl-D-aspartate receptors (NMDAR)-mediated excitotoxicity during ischemic stroke. However, all NMDAR antagonists failed […]

3 year AHA Transformational Project Award to Dr. Verma

After an ischemic stroke, injured or newborn neurons do not survive due to impaired vasculature in ischemic tissue. Inadequate blood supply in the infarct area exacerbate not only tissue damage but also prevent recovery. This led to the hypothesis that improving blood supply to the peri-infarct tissue would increase trophic support and thus improve post-stroke […]

Dr. Rajkumar Verma receives 2 million R01 grant for his work on ischemic stroke

Stroke remains a leading cause of disability in the United States. Stroke is a heterogeneous multifactorial disorder. Prior attempts at developing new therapies have failed in clinics due to imperfect target validation, unrealistic therapeutic windows and lack of age appropriate models. Thus, there is an opportunity and a need to identify new medical treatment for […]