Rotations – Second Year


Learn inpatient management of acutely ill patients, newborns and women in labor serving as a primary member of the team. Develop teaching skills and supervise interns and medical students. This rotation occurs three times in the second year.

Night Float

In the second year, residents complete four, one week (six nights) of night float throughout the year. You are a member of the FMIS team signing out each morning to the day team.

Health Systems Management

In two separate blocks of HSM2 residents focus on a variety of practice management and population health issues. Residents participate in meetings, meet with faculty and staff leaders and manage a significant amount of patient care.


Join the UConn OB/GYN offices for an outpatient GYN experience to learn preventive care, and diagnosis of general medical illnesses that manifest differently or exclusively in women.


Coordinated by our Sports Medicine faculty this rotation includes evaluation and management of orthopaedic and soft tissue injuries, rehabilitation, splinting and casting technique.

Emergency Medicine

Work alongside Saint Francis Hospital EM residents and faculty to become thoroughly familiar with the Emergency Department in which patients from our own FMC are evaluated.

Community Medicine

A unique rotation that all 2nd year residents participate in at the same time. The experience includes learning about social, cultural and larger community contexts which impact health care, especially that of our own patients. This rotation includes a trip, typically taken to Puerto Rico, to do some community work and immerse in the culture of one of the most common populations in Hartford.

Psychosocial Medicine

Behavioral health and psychosocial assessment and intervention is learned in a longitudinal rotation led by our own Behavioral Health faculty. A comprehensive curriculum including health disparities, social determinants of health, ethics, trauma, social inequalities, and mental health is taught in an interactive case-base format.


The second year allows time to begin exploring other opportunities – do you want more OB? More sports medicine? Is your passion to learn about integrative medicine, dermatology, rheumatology? Use your elective time to focus on those areas of medicine you want more experience with.