Visiting Residents

Eligibility and Application

UConn School of Medicine (UConn) accepts visiting residents from ACGME-accredited programs. Observerships are not allowed.

Learn more about the UConn School of Medicine Visiting Externship For Students Underrepresented in Medicine (VESUM).

Application Process

Visiting residents wishing to spend elective time in a UConn sponsored Graduate Medical Education program must complete the Visiting Resident Application. It must be submitted at least 12 weeks prior to the start of the rotation directly to the program coordinator in which the training will take place. Please contact them to obtain the proper mailing address. Approval is at the discretion of the program or division. All visiting rotations to UConn must be a minimum of two consecutive calendar weeks.

Along with the completed Visiting Resident Application, the following nine (9) items must also be submitted to the UConn sponsored program (Residencies) (Fellowships) for which you are applying to where the rotation will take place. The application and nine items below should be provided together in one packet:

  1. A letter of good standing from your residency program director with confirmation the resident is without limitations or under a remedial program and has achieved ACGME core competencies at the expected level for this time in the program,
  2. Confirmation the resident will continue to receive their full salary and benefits (including personal health insurance) from their current employer during the timeframe of the requested rotation,
  3. A photo of the resident/fellow with attestation that the photo is of the resident/fellow,
  4. Copy of Curriculum Vitae,
  5. Copy of medical school diploma,
  6. Copy of ECFMG certificate,
  7. Updated background check completed within one year from the requested rotation start date showing state of county search, social security verification, national criminal search, and federal criminal search. Please hand-write or type the name of the UConn training program on the page. UConn will perform a background check if requested on your behalf for a $75 fee. (Check payable to UConn Health and complete the Background Information Sheet),
  8. List of procedures specific to this rotation the resident is credentialed to perform at the sponsoring institution. UConn reserves the right to re-credential visiting residents for all procedures if determined appropriate,
  9. Documentation stating that the resident/fellow has completed HIPAA training with the sponsoring institution.

*An Immunization Health History Confirmation, including current proof of flu vaccine (during flu season October 1 to March 31), must also be submitted separately via a secure email to Employee Health Services. Please hand-write or type the name of the UConn training program on the page. Please inform the UConn program coordinator, these have been submitted. All outstanding flu vaccinations must be obtained prior to arriving at UConn at the expense of the resident or Sponsoring Institution.

Once the application packet has been received, information from the application will be utilized to create the “Letter of Understanding” between UConn and the sponsoring institution.

Final Approval

Final Approval will be granted by the UConn Graduate Medical Education Office upon:

  • All signatures have been obtained to complete the “Letter of Understanding”,
  • UConn Police Department has confirmed an acceptable background check has been performed,
  • Employee Student Health has confirmed an acceptable immunization health history has been received.


For rotations taking place at UConn Health, the visiting resident will be eligible to apply for a temporary parking pass. Please complete a Visiting Resident Parking Application and submit to the visiting rotation’s program coordinator at least four weeks prior to the start of the rotation accompanied by a check for $12.50 payable to UConn Health Center.


The visiting rotation’s program coordinator will contact you for further information related to obtaining a UConn identification badge, appropriate network systems access, and any further required information.