Resident/Fellow Policy Manual

Table of Contents

Mission Statement

Institutional Commitment

Sponsoring Institution

Welcome to Graduate Medical Education

Deans Office

Assistant Deans

Graduate Medical Education Office

Capital Area Health Consortium

Affiliated Hospitals

Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Competencies

Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC)

Resident/Fellow Forum

Section I: HouseStaff Information

Employment Requirements

Institutional Curriculum Requirements (IC)

Emergency Life Support Training

Occupational Ionizing Radiation Exposure

Reappointments Process and Requirements

Training and Employment Verification


Graduation/Separation Requirements



Educational Resource Allowance

Educational Travel

Section II: Compliance  and Integrity

Conflict Of Interest/ Vendor Interactions

HIPAA/Privacy and Security of Confidential Data

Accessing Medical Records

Prohibition of Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment, including Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault, Intimate Partner Violence and Stalking

Faculty, Staff and Student Relations

Social Networking

Drug-Free Workplace

Professional Attire/Dress Code

Delinquent Medical Record Procedure

Section III: Professional Activities and Professionalism

Resident/Fellow Job Description


Compact Between Trainees and Their Teachers

Code of Conduct

Residents Fellows, and Faculty Well-Being

Work Environment

Clinical and Educational Work Hours Rules/Procedures

Fatigue Mitigation

Transitions of Care/Handover

Supervision, Progressive Authority and Responsibility of Residents/Fellows

Moonlighting/Extra Credit

Resident/Fellow Mistreatment

Counseling Services

The UConn OMBUDS Office

Fit For Duty/Employee Assistance Evaluations

Section IV: Performance Evaluations


Evaluation and Promotion

Academic Deficiencies Review Procedures

Code of Conduct Violations/Non-Academic Deficiencies Review Procedures

Administrative Leave

Section V: Employment Guidelines and Procedures

Affirmative Action, Non-Discrimination, and Equal Opportunity

Persons with Disabilities/Accommodations for Disabilities

Religious Accommodations

Leave Policy/Guidelines

Restricted Covenant

Closures and Reductions In Programs and Program Size

Extraordinary Circumstances Guidelines

Section VI: General Information and Support Services

Reporting Concerns

Away Electives

Official Communication with the University of Connecticut School of Medicine Graduate Medical Education Programs

Medical Treatment/Prescription Writing

Providing Medical Treatment to Residents/Fellows

Jury Duty



Secure Electronic Messaging

Meal Allowance

Holidays Guidelines

Inclement Weather

Needlesticks and Other Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens