Our interdisciplinary Family Medicine Residency faculty includes board-certified family physicians, geriatricians, sports medicine physicians, DO’s, a family therapist, a clinical pharmacist, and a director of research. While the faculty have different home bases for patient care (Hartford, East Hartford, Canton), resident precepting occurs at the Family Medicine Center at Asylum Hill (our one and only ambulatory site for the residency). The department's administrators are also faculty members; they manage the practice and provide practice management training for residents. Our faculty maintain close affiliations with the UConn School of Medicine and are active in committees and boards at our own hospital. While individual members of the faculty have different areas of interest, all of the faculty are passionate teachers who are dedicated to training the next generation of family physicians using a compassionate, evidence-based approach.

While it may not be obvious from our photos, hidden amongst us is a professional musician/singer, swimmer, an avid birder, a flamenco dancer, a conga drum player, a home remodeler, downhill skiers, world travelers, and more! We work hard and play hard. We take our personal and professional lives seriously, always striving for balance. We are dedicated faculty and we believe we are what make this dynamic program the best of the best!

Faculty 2019