Institutional Commitment

Bruce T. Liang, M.D., FACC
Bruce T. Liang, M.D., FACC
Dean, UConn School of Medicine

The UConn School of Medicine has as its mission the commitment to provide excellent medical education, research endeavors, and medical care, first to the citizens of the State of Connecticut and then to all others. Graduate Medical Education is identified as a vital part of this mission. As such, the UConn School of Medicine sponsors Graduate Medical Education programs that train a sufficient number of health professionals with superior medical knowledge to provide quality medical care that responds to the needs of the today’s community, as well as to future generations.

The UConn School of Medicine sponsors Graduate Medical Education programs dedicated to helping and facilitating residents’ professional, ethical, and personal development during residency education. The programs are an integral part of the school’s efforts to recruit and maintain the highest quality health professionals in the area.

The Graduate Medical Education programs, in response to community needs, emphasize primary care training along with selected specialty programs. Clinical and basic science research opportunities will be encouraged in all areas where there are Graduate Medical Education programs.

Graduate Medical Education, sponsored by the UConn School of Medicine, is dedicated to the centralization, enhancement, and monitoring of the quality of education provided to residents and fellows at all participating institutions, as well as to meeting the new demands and responsibilities inherent in maintaining Graduate Medical Education programs.

As the sponsoring institution, the UConn School of Medicine will ensure that the programs meet or exceed all Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) and Residency Review Committee (RRC) general and specific requirements.

All programs will promote improved quality of care to the patient population, high quality provider/patient communication skills, and will emphasize personal and professional development along with ethical and humanistic behavior for the trainees in the programs. To this end, the UConn School of Medicine will commit educational, financial, and human resources to Graduate Medical Education.