Laptop Repair Steps

    1. Lookup Warranty
      Make sure your laptop is still under warranty.
      Class of 2021
      Class of 2020
      Class of 2019
      Class of 2018
    2. Backup Your Files
      File Backup Information
    3. Record Laptop Information
      • Laptop Model
      • Laptop Serial Number
      • Laptop Express Service Code (Dell Ultrabooks only) – located on white sticker on the underside of machine
    4. Call Laptop Vendor
      HP: 1-866-625-1175. Please say Elitebook when prompted for the shortcut.
      Dell: 800-822-8965
    5. Lenovo: 1-855-253-6686, option 1

Email your repair case number to the CEC

You will be assigned a case number for the repair. Please report that information to the CEC at

Receive Laptop Box

If it is determined that your laptop needs repair, the laptop vendor will send you a prepaid shipping box for you to ship the laptop to the repair center. You can have the box sent directly to the CEC. Our mailing address is: 263 Farmington Avenue, MC 4003, Farmington, CT 06030-4003, Attn: CEC

  1. Ship laptop
    • UConn Health has a Customer Service drop off location in the Shipping and Receiving Department for all prepaid laptop boxes.
    The Customer Service Entrance of the Shipping and Receiving Department is located at the West Receiving Dock.
    • Students will be held solely responsible for the laptop packages