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    Digital Microscope (Aperio)

    The University of Connecticut School of Medicine uses virtual microscopy as part of the curriculum. Virtual microscopy allows all students to simultaneously view microscope images right on their laptop screens. The microscope images can be zoomed in and out to offer high levels of detail. The virtual microscope software also allows instructors and students to run digital slide conference.

    We have adopted the Aperio/Leica Digital Pathology Scanning microscope (Leica Biosystems, IL) for this purpose. The microscope was custom built for UCH and combines the functionality of a CS-O scanner – providing a 5-slide tray brightfield (light only/dry mode) scanning – and a CS-O scanner with a specialty built objective assembly that allows the slide tray and objective to be switched out for scanning in 100X mode under oil magnification.


    CS – O Scanner

         CS-2 Scanner

    The system consists of a student-facing application known as ImageScope, a server application known as Spectrum, web/application server, database server, and file server for storing images.

    Interested in Using the System?

    Follow these steps:

    1. Reserve the scanner by contacting AITS staff either in person at the T2C2 front desk (in Library), by phone at 860-679-4400 or by email to
    2. AITS will insure the scanner is ready for use and provide you key access to the scanner room when you arrive for your scheduled time. If you are using the scanner for the first time, AITS will setup an account and provide you a quick primer on how to use the system.

    Please note that AITS does NOT scan slides. This is a time-consuming and highly specialized function requiring domain knowledge, which our staff are not equipped to perform. If you need someone to scan the slides for you, we can coordinate with the Library to schedule a trained staff to scan. In this case, you must schedule the scan at least 48 hours in advance.

    Help & Support

    Phone: 860-679-4400