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    Zoom Classroom

    Zoom is an online conferencing tool you can use anywhere you have Internet access on your electronic device. If you can get online, you can meet with others and share data, presentations, and online demonstrations. With Zoom, you can bring guest speakers into your classrooms, hold virtual office hours, provide one-on-one tutorials or host webinars with a large audience, and much more. Zoom lectures or meetings can be recorded and uploaded into Blackboard courses.

    ATTN: UConn Health faculty and staff: We will be moving forward with Microsoft Teams and Webex as our main online meeting solutions. We will not be issuing Zoom accounts to any UCHC employees at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

    UConn Zoom

    • Zoom meeting license supports up to a 300 participants/meeting.
    • Users can request a large meeting of up to 1000 participants or a webinar up to 500 participants. To request a large meeting or webinar, please click below. (Note: You must already have already requested a Zoom account to use this feature)
    • UCH-Issued Zoom accounts are not available to students. 
    • This Zoom service is strictly for academic (research & education)/administration use only. Clinical use is not permitted.
    • A fee of $25 per license, per year is assessed on accounts issued to faculty and staff at the Storrs and regional campuses.
    • To request a Zoom account please click below to complete a request form. Account requests may take up to 5 business days. If you need an account immediately, please fill out the form and contact AITS at

    Zoom FAQs

    I already have a paid Zoom account using my or email.

    For UCH users (using
    If you already have an account using your UCHC email address AND that address is linked to your NETID, we may be able to merge your accounts - under our Zoom license if you do not use Zoom for clinical/patient care. If your UCHC email address is not linked to your NETID, we can create a second account using your UConn email address and single-sign on with your NETID. If you are unsure which email address is associated with your NETID you can look it up here or reach out to and we can work with you.

    Storrs & Regional Campuses (
    If you already have an account established using your email, we can transfer your paid Zoom license to the UCH Zoom account. You will be reimbursed from Zoom for the amount of your current license. Once you move your license to the UCH Zoom account, all policies, limits and rules for UCH accounts will apply to your license. If you would like to transfer your license or have questions about doing so, please email


    How do I sign up for a UCH Zoom account?

    You can request a Zoom account by filling out the form here.

    How do I sign into Zoom on the desktop app?

    Follow the steps below to sign into Zoom using your desktop app.

    1. Open the Zoom app and click "Sign In"
    2. On the next page, click "Sign in with SSO"
    3. In the box that says "Enter your company domain" type "uconn-edu" (without the quotation marks).
    4. Click the blue "Continue" button. At this point your browser should open and take you to the UCONN NETID Single Sign On page.
    5. Sign in with your NETID on the UCONN NETID Single Sign On Page.
    6. Return to your desktop Zoom app, you should be signed in.

    Is there a cost for my Zoom account?

    Zoom licenses are free to all UCH faculty and staff. For non-UCH faculty and staff at Storrs and UCONN regional campuses there is a fee of $25 per license, per year. For Storrs and regional campus requests, we will need a KFS Number when filling out the form.

    Where do I go to sign in to my Zoom account?

    UCHC Zoom uses NETID Single Sign On (SSO). You can sign into your Zoom account by going to and choosing "Sign In."

    I didn’t get an email to activate my Zoom account.

    If you've already filled out the Zoom request form, you should be receiving an email to activate your account. This email will go to your UConn email address ( Please be sure to check your inbox.

    What is the maximum number of participants I can have in a Zoom meeting?

    The maximum number of participants (hosts, cohosts and attendees) you can have in a regular Zoom meeting is 300. If you have a meeting or event with a larger number of people you can request a temporary Large Meeting or Webinar license using the form here. There are a limited number of these temporary licenses and are only available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    Can I use this Zoom account to see patients?

    No. This Zoom account is for academic and research purposes only. You may not use this account for clinical care.

    Who do I contact for Zoom support?

    For immediate class support please email or call 860-679-8870.

    For other inquiries or to schedule training please call 860-679-4400.

    For scheduling or training please contact

    Download the Zoom application for your computer and device.

    Zoom Logo Zoom Meeting Client (Mac/PC)
    Zoom iOS App (iOS iTunes)
    Zoom for Android (Play Store)