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    Frequently Asked HuskyCT Questions for Students

    What is HuskyCT?

    HuskyCT, which stands for “Husky Course Tools”, is UConn’s name for our learning management system. The application we use is Blackboard Learn 9.1. Instructors may use a HuskyCT site to post course materials, online assignments, discussion forums, tests, and grades.

    How do I access HuskyCT?

    In a web browser, go to

    You will need an active NetID and password to login. If you have not yet activated your NetID, please visit

    How do I reset my password for HuskyCT?

    Your password for HuskyCT is the same as your NetID. To reset the password, please visit

    Can I access HuskyCT from my mobile device?

    Yes.  Students may access HuskyCT using the Blackboard app, which is currently bundled with the myUConn app.  Alternatively, students can download the Blackboard app for iOS 9.0+, Android 4.2+ and Windows 10+.

    For more information, including download links, please visit the visit Mobile Solutions for Students.

    When will my courses be available in HuskyCT?

    The availability of courses in HuskyCT varies. Generally, courses are available by the first class meeting date. If a course is listed as “unavailable” after the first class meeting, please inquire with your instructor or the course director. Medical students may also contact the HOME office in the School of Medicine. Dental students may contact the Academic Affairs Office in the School of Dental Medicine.

    What if a course I’m taking is not listed in HuskyCT?

    Courses are offered in HuskyCT at the discretion of the instructor.  Therefore, all courses at UConn Health may not have an associated HuskyCT site. If you are officially registered in a course that is not listed in HuskyCT after the start date of the semester, please inquire with your instructor.

    If you were recently added to a course, please allow up to 24 hours for HuskyCT to receive the update, before contacting your instructor. If 24 hours have passed and your instructor has confirmed the course is offered in HuskyCT, please contact AITS support.  860-679-440 or

    What if I registered for a course in the Graduate School, and later dropped the course, but it’s still listed in HuskyCT?
    If you recently dropped a course, please allow up to 24 hours for HuskyCT to receive the update. If 24 hours have passed and the course is still displaying for you in HuskyCT, please contact AITS support.  860-679-440 or
    What if I can’t find an assignment, exam or other content item in my HuskyCT course?

    Availability and placement of tests, assignments, and other content is maintained by your instructor.  Sometimes, instructors will place conditions on releasing content (start/end dates, prerequisites, etc.).  Please consult your instructor for guidance on navigating the course and/or accessing specific materials.

    What if my exam attempt in HuskyCT was interrupted and the system won’t allow me to finish?

    HuskyCT quizzes/exams can only be reset by your instructor.  If you have exceeded the allotted number of attempts, it will be necessary for you to contact your instructor. Note that additional attempts are offered solely at the discretion of your instructor.

    Please be sure to review our HuskyCT Test Taking Tips.

    What if I uploaded the wrong assignment and the system won’t allow me to re-submit?

    The number of attempts permitted for an assignment is set by your instructor.  If you have uploaded the wrong file for an assignment, you contact your instructor directly.  The UITS Help Center is not permitted and does not have access to reset assignment attempts.  The instructor, at his/her discretion, may reset your assignment attempt.

    I need to finish an Incomplete. How do I access a course from a previous semester?

    Courses from prior semesters are generally not open to students.  You should first contact your instructor and obtain permission to access materials from the prior semester.  Your instructor will update the course availability date and your enrollment status.  If your instructor approves the request and you’re still having difficulty accessing the course, please contact AITS support.  860-679-440 or

    What is LockDown Browser?

    LockDown Browser (LDB) is a secure browser for taking tests in HuskyCT.  LDB prevents you from printing, copying, going to another URL, or accessing other applications during a test. If a test in HuskyCT requires LDB, you will not be able to take the test with a standard web browser.

    LockDown Browser should only be used for taking tests in HuskyCT.  It should not be used in other areas of HuskyCT. To obtain a copy of LockDown Browser (free), please visit Downloading and installing Lockdown Browser.pdf

    How do I troubleshoot issues with LockDown Browser?
    For help with LockDown Browser, please review: Troubleshooting LockDown Browser.
    What should I do if I’m having trouble playing a video in the course?
    Where do I go for more help with HuskyCT?

    If you are having issues connecting to or logging in to HuskyCT, please contact AITS support.  860-679-440 or

    For assistance with features and tools, help is available on the Student Help tab in HuskyCT. If further assistance is needed, please contact AITS support.  860-679-440 or After-hours (and Holiday) support for HuskyCT features and tools is available 24/7 from Blackboard Support at The UITS Help Center and Blackboard 24/7 Support are not permitted to reset exam or assignment attempts. For help with in-class materials, please first consult your instructor.