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    Microsoft OneNote Electronic Notebook

    Have you ever made notes in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other office applications and saved them folders inside other folders and found it difficult to keep track of everything? For notetaking, there's a better way. It's called OneNote. OneNote can be thought of as a non-linear form of Microsoft Word in the sense that you can type, draw, copy files anywhere on the page and wherever you place your cursor. You can type here, there, anywhere as your typing is not bound by text.

    OneNote enables simple organization, searching capability, intuitive text formatting, capability to insert or attachments, emails, articles, pictures, screens captures, and more.

    OneNote mimics paper notebooks in the way it is organized. It is a hierarchical program that is broken down like this. You have your Notebook, inside your Notebook is your sections, inside each section is multiple pages, and on your pages are your notes. Just like your paper notebook, there's no "Save" button. Everything is saved automatically almost immediately.

    Key Features

    • Ability to share you notebook with other for near real-time collaboration.
    • Ability to export your notebook to other file formats including Word and PDF
    • Ability to embed a page in email message and send directly from OneNote
    • Full text formatting features (similar to what you find in Word)
    • Record and include audio and video recordings
    • Ability to insert files (as attachments or printed), screen clipping, pictures and images, links, etc.
    • A feature-rich drawing tool
    • Automatic backup and facile restoration of files.



    OneNote Overview (5:34 Minute, YouTube)
    OneNote Basics for Students (4:20 minutes, YouTube)
    OneNote Use in Fabric of Anatomy and Biology Lab (FAB LAB) at UConn Health (9 minutes, Dr. John Harrison)

    Help & Support

    Phone: 860-679-4400

    Using OneNote

    View this guide for step by step instructions for logging in and using OneNote.