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    Frequently Asked HuskyCT Questions for Faculty & Staff

    What is HuskyCT?

    HuskyCT is UConn's name for the Blackboard learning management system used here. Instructor use of the system is optional but we host over 4000 HuskyCT sites a semester, most of which are used for face-to-face classes. Fully online classes use HuskyCT as well. The use of HuskyCT is so widespread in fact, that students expect to see a HuskyCT site for each class they are taking and are worried when they don’t. A recent survey revealed that the most common uses of HuskyCT for traditional classes is sending announcements, posting content, and posting grades. Many instructors are also using HuskyCT for the online submission of assignments, discussion, and quizzes.

    How do I get a HuskyCT site for my class

    HuskyCT sites are requested by instructors of record using the Student Admin System (PeopleSoft).


    The HuskyCT site is created automatically within 24 hours of the request and all students registered for the course are automatically enrolled on the HuskyCT site. Please note that the instructor must be listed in PeopleSoft as the instructor for a particular class in order to request a HuskyCT site for that class.

    How do I import/copy course materials from an old HuskyCT site to a new one?

    If an instructor is teaching a course again and HuskyCT was used in a previous term for that same class, it is possible to have the old site content copied into the HuskyCT site for the upcoming term.


    This requires two steps.


    1. Instructor requests their NEW HuskyCT site using Student Admin System (PeopleSoft)
    2. Instructors can email  or completes the HuskyCT Course Copy/Request Form.


    Please note that this content restore will bring over all instructor posted content, assignments, tests, grade center columns, and discussion board forums. No student data is copied into the new site.


    Can multiple sections of a course be merged into a single HuskyCT site?

    Yes.  If you have a cross-listed course or will be offering multiple sections of the same HuskyCT course, the sections can be combined.


    To request a course merge, please use this form: Course Copy/Restore Request.  The form can be used to request a combine sections and/or restore course materials.


    For more detailed information on how merged courses work, please review: Combining HuskyCT Course Sections


    Why does it say “unavailable until…” next to my course title?

    Each term, there is an official start date for classes. This date is used to set the student access date for all HuskyCT sites for that term. The "Unavailable until…" message applies only to students. Instructor access is not date restricted. See Medical/Dental/Graduate School calendar(s) for official start/end dates.

    How do I give the students early access?

    Instructors may open their HuskyCT site(s) earlier or later than the default start date.  For step by step instructions for changing the start/end dates of your HuskyCT course, please review: Changing Student Access Dates

    A student needs to finish an incomplete.  How can I grant them access to my course after the term ends?

    Approximately two weeks after the academic term ends, students will lose access to your course (assuming you have not a later end date).  Additionally, four weeks after the term ends, their enrollment is set to unavailable (applies to courses where the end date has passed).  To open the course and set the students enrollment to available, please review:  Student Access to Unavailable Courses (Prior Terms)

    How do I add my syllabus and other files?

    This is done using the "Build Content" button at the top of a Content Area such as the "Course Content" page that is part of the default HuskyCT course template. From the "Build Content" drop-down menu, click on "File". After this you will just need to browse for the file on your computer.


    More help is available by emailing or by using the Blackboard Knowledge Base.


    How do I enroll additional users in my HuskyCT course?

    Instructors have the ability to enroll additional users on their HuskyCT sites.   Anyone with a UConn NetID can be manually added to a HuskyCT site.  For detailed steps, please email or review the following: Enrolling Additional Users

    How do I hide my old course?

    After several semesters in HuskyCT, instructors may find their list of courses has become overwhelming. To optimize the display of courses (group, hide, sort, etc.), please follow the steps in Optimizing Course Lists in HuskyCT

    Is there a Student View?

    Instructors can use “Student Preview” to view their sites exactly as their students see them. When exiting Student Preview, instructors have the choice of retaining the preview user data or not. If the Preview User data is retained, a new student will appear in the Grade Center. The last name for this preview student account will be the instructor’s last name followed by “_PreviewUser”. Student Preview mode can be used to take tests, submit assignments, access materials, and check grades.


    More help is available in the Blackboard KB.

    Why is My Grade Center missing scroll bars? (Mac only)

    This is issue is resolved by changing a system preference setting in Mac OS.

    1. Go to System Preferences
    2. Click on General
    3. Under Show Scroll Bars, choose the option Always