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    Testing & Training Computer Center (T2C2)

    AITS operates a computer lab – named the Training and Testing Computer Center (T2C2) – that is available to the UConn Health community for conducting training, instruction, and testing and assessments. T2C2 consists of three rooms with a capacity of twenty seats each. Each room is equipped with student PC workstations and an instructor station with audio-visuals (AV) controls. The AV consists of a lamp-based ceiling-mounted projector and a pull-down projection screen. All computer workstations are equipped with curricular software, including Microsoft applications, SPSS, and the Respondus Lockdown Bowser used in the administration of secured exams.

    T2C2 is located on the first floor of the Stowe Lyman Library and is available by reservation only (see instruction below) Monday – Friday 7:00 am- 6:00 pm.

    Room Reservation

    1. Rooms can be reserved online by completing this form. Please note that completing and submitting this form is no guarantee for approval of reservation. We will check the room schedule and get back to you within 48 hours. Please contact us if you need an answer sooner.
    2. Rooms must be booked at least 14 days in advance and no more than 6 months in advance.
    3. Academic bookings take priority, with priority given to undergraduate medical education and the graduate school. If there is a conflict between a clinical and academic request, the academic request will take the date.
    4. We understand that classes may be canceled on a late notice, but as a courtesy please notify us as soon as possible or no later than 24 hours prior to the class. This will enable us to make the rooms available to someone else who might be in dire needs of those rooms.
    5. Rooms are available free of charge during our normal operating hours (see Hours of Operations above). We discourage scheduling exams outside these hours. However, if an exam cannot be scheduled during normal hours, please follow these procedures and guidelines:
      1. Prior to the day of the examination, schedule a visit with us to confirm, test, and certify the workstations per your vendor's instructions ahead of time.
      2. The examination proctor/administrator must be present during the entirety of the examination and must have the requisite knowledge to operate the assessment computer workstations.
      3. The examination proctor/administrator will start the examination and liaise with the examination vendor to resolve technical issues related to the exam.
      4. When not in use, the T2C2 Classrooms are locked, therefore the the examination proctor/administrator must contact UConn Health Public Safety (x2121) to gain entry to the Library (if scheduled outside the Library hours of operations), and the T2C2 Classrooms.
      5. There will be no coverage from the Library staff at any time.

    Library Hours

    Contact Information
    Phone: 860-679-4400