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    Classroom Support

    AITS supports the technology in 33 classrooms (Classrooms A/B/C), three training and testing rooms (T2C2-1, T2C2-2 and T2C2-3), three auditoria (Massey, Friends and Patterson), and the Academic Rotunda. AITS has embarked on a project to refresh the technology in these spaces. The rooms are re-designed and fitted with appropriate technology to meet the learning needs in each space. The technology in these spaces are divided into four categories as shown in the grid below.

    All rooms are equipped with a PC, keyboard and mouse, HDMI input for laptop/tablets and audio/video control panels.


    Feature  High Tech Basic  High Tech Standard High Tech MDELTA TBL
    (Team Based Learning)
    High Tech VTC
    Content Projection Surface 85” 4K TV 85”-90” 4K TV 100” Ceramic Board 85”-90” 4K TV
    4K Lumen Laser
    Projector w/ Light Curtain for Interactivity
    -- -- Yes --
    Wireless Sharing (WePresent) Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Podium/Instructor Station -- Yes Yes Yes
    Listen Assist Yes Yes Yes
    Sound Re-enforcement w/ Microphone In larger rooms (C4-6, C3-5) Yes Yes Yes
    Podium-mounted Annotating Monitor (Qomo) -- Yes Yes Yes
    Lecture Recording (Kaltura) -- Yes -- Yes
    Podium-mounted Document Camera -- Yes Yes Yes
    Flatbed Document Camera -- -- Yes --
    Team LCDs -- -- 8 x 50” LCDs --
    Video Teleconferencing -- -- -- Yes
    Webcam (CISCO Camera/Mic Array) B1, C1, C2, T2C2-1/2 -- -- --
    Classrooms B1, C1-C7, B11-B15 B9, B10, Massey (Massey is equipped with a 12,000 Lumen Projector & 222" Projection Screen) B16, B17 C8, Friends, and Patterson

    Help & Support
    Telephone: 860-679-8870