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    AITS operates several high speed B&W printers available to undergraduate medical and dental students for curricular use. These printers are conveniently located in the Stowe Lyman Schafer Study rooms (accessible with student badge), the Student Lounge, the alcove outside classrooms B16/B17 (main floor of the L-Building), and the study carrels outside the Academic Rotunda. These printers are available 24x7 free of charge. However, printing is capped at 4,000 copies / student / year. The cap works by depositing a virtual $200 in a student printing account that they use to print at the rate of $0.05/copy. We would like to stress that printing is FREE to students and the virtual $200 is strictly for making the cap mechanism work. Students are not required to deposit any money to use the service.

    Important! The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Any person using the aforementioned printers is responsible for any infringement.

    You laptop comes with the print drivers for these printers already installed. If you are using a different device to print or experiencing any issues printing, please contact us by telephone at 860-679-4400 or email to:


    1. On your student laptop, please print your document and send to any T2C2 printer (see Printer name and location below).
    2. Go to AITS Printing and log in with your UConn Health username and password.
    3. Check off your job(s) to print and select a printer from the Destination drop down list:
      1. Printer 1 (T2C201) is located in the 24 hour Schafer Study Rooms
      2. Printer 2 (T2C202) is located in front of Classrooms B16/B17
      3. Printer 3 (T2C203) is located in the Student Lounge
      4. Printer 4 (T2C204) is located outside of the Academic Rotunda in the study carrels.
    4. If the T2C2 printer of interest isn’t on the list, please type “T2C2” and all will show up.
    5. Once you select the printer, click “Print” and then click “Confirm” to release your print.