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    Academic IT Services Staff

    The AITS team is comprised of staff with expertise covering a wide spectrum of educational technology. The team includes an instructional designer, instructional technologist, training specialist, Classroom Audio-Video and computer technicians, and server engineers.

    AITS Main/Reception
    Phone: 860-679-8870

    Khamis Abu-Hasaballah, Ph.D.
    Assistant Vice President
    Academic IT Services
    Office of the CIO
    Phone: 860-679-8141

    Adam Clymer
    Education Technology Trainer
    Phone: 860-679-5532

    Brianna Cooper
    Academic Computing Specialist II
    Phone: 860-679-8870

    TJ Fay
    Multimedia Specialist & Classroom Support
    Phone: 860-679-2061

    Rob Peters
    Audio Visual Specialist
    Phone: 860-679-8954

    Ryan Re
    Academic Computing Specialist I
    Phone: 860-679-8870

    Jason Wright
    Instructional Technology & Media
    Phone: 860-679-2895

    Patryk Zysek
    Technical Analyst 2
    Phone: 860-679-6182